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Ready to organize your house and transform your life?

Together we will find the best solution for you.

Before starting the tidying marathon in a house using this method, I always recommend an initial phone conversation (can also be done by skype or facetime).

The objective of this initial talk is to explain the method and to understand how it can be applied to you and your home, to understand your objectives and motivations, your expectations, as well as your availability for this tidying journey.

In case you prefer, I will be delighted to meet you in person, to explain and discuss all these topics, with a previous appointment.

Paula Torres com cliente - Método Konmari TM

After this first contact and clarifications, there are several options to start your tidying journey!

Paula Torres - Método Konmari Tm - servicos

For the ones that just want an introduction to the method and then plan to apply it on their own. It’s also a perfect gift to someone that is interested in this method and wants to learn more about it.

Paula Torres - Vamos Organizar - servicos

For the ones that want to apply the method in their homes but feel they need help.
I will work with you, hands-on, guiding you through all the process, helping you establish your objectives, sorting every object you own. At the end, I will help you find the best storage solutions for optimized organization.

Paula Torres - Personal Organizer - Workshops - Serviços

To the ones that want to learn more about the KonMari MethodTM but can’t afford, or have no availability for, a private coaching session at their house.
Also for the ones interested in applying the method to their working environment.


Approximate duration: 1h30m

  • house tour
  • tidying marathon process explanation
  • help on establishing your personal objectives and ideal lifestyle vision
  • explanation of the key procedures and tips to apply the method to the different categories

Investment: from 45€


  • This fee includes transport expenses for Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais area. Other locations may have an additional fee for travelling and hotel accommodation.


What kind of working sessions can you choose?

Individual Working Sessions

This can be an option for those who want to focus on a specific category and have the motivation and the availability to continue the tidying journey on their own.

According to the KonMari MethodTM, we should start by the Clothes Category, where it is easier to take decisions and where we can develop and hone our joy-check sensitivity.

I will work side by side with you, on the selected category, hands-on. We’ll start the session by revising the method and the procedures for the category, and we’ll establish your objectives for it. We’ll then sort every item in the category. I will guide you in selecting the ones that spark joy to you, which will be cherished and valued, and we’ll find a “home” for them, and the ones that don’t represent you anymore, and that will be discarded.

Approximate duration: between 3 hours (half day session) and 6 hours (full day session)
Investment: from 120€


  • This fee includes transport expenses for Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais area. Other locations may have an additional fee for travelling and hotel accommodation.

Packs of Working Sessions “Organize your house, transform your life”

The ideal and permanent result is achieved when all the categories are included, doing the complete house-tidying marathon.

The number of sessions needed to achieve this and complete the whole process can vary, depending basically on the house layout, accumulation/ clutter level and client’s ability and speed in making sorting-out decisions.

These packs of sessions are ideal for the ones that are committed to invest in themselves and their homes, getting the full benefits of this method.

Perfect for those who are prepared to embrace this transformative journey and, by organizing their homes, change their lives once and for all!

More economic value per session, depending on the number of sessions acquired, which will be defined after analyzing the specific situation.

Follow up Sessions

For those who decided to proceed with the tidying journey on their own, I’m available to schedule with you follow-up sessions, to review the process, clarify any doubts, unblock any barriers, redefine objectives or simply to get the motivation back.

The duration of these sessions will be defined according to the specific objective.

For clients that have acquired packs of multiple sessions to do the whole process in their homes, I will offer a 3 hours follow up session, to be held 30 to 45 days after the job is finished, by previous appointment.

In any case, I provide email and phone support to all clients, during the tidying process.


Do you want to learn more about the KonMari MethodTM and how you can apply it to your house but you can’t afford an individual coaching session?
Do you want to learn more and share the method and how it can be applied to your company, clients and business partners?
I organize Workshops and Private Coaching Sessions. Stay tuned to know the next dates or contact me.

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