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Life truly begins once you have put your house in order

Marie Kondo

Happy Organize

Happy Organize, created by me, Paula Brinkmann Torres, is a consultancy agency Certified in the KonMari MethodTM, by Marie Kondo.

Based on this method, I will help you transform your life, bringing harmony and joy to your home, through the deep organization of the space in which you live.

I will guide you through the conscient confrontation with all your belongings, helping you identify the ones that truly spark joy to you, and that reflect your ideal lifestyle, and helping you let go of the ones that don’t.

In my work as a Personal Organizer and a Certified KonMari Consultant, I work with my clients in their tidying marathon, ensuring a successful and long-lasting experience.

Live in a tidy house! Live in a happy home!

A tidied home is not an objective – it’s a tool to bring us to our ideal lifestyle

Marie Kondo
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If any of these situations sound familiar to you, maybe it’s time to change:

  • You have a full closet, but most things don’t spark joy to wear
  • You frequently can’t find an important object or document
  • You sometimes re-buy something you already have because you either lost it or forgot you had it.
  • Every flat surface, such as countertops and tables are piled up with papers, books, clothing and other miscellaneous items.
  • You have no idea what’s in the back of the cabinet.
  • You feel cramped in your home because of the number of things that take up space.
  • You have considered moving just so you would have more room for your things.
  • You are ashamed of inviting people over by the way your home looks.

Nobody should feel uncomfortable in their own home.
Nobody should be overwhelmed by their possessions.

Our home should be our temple that helps and empowers us in order to deal with the stresses of the outside world.

Maybe you feel that you want to change but you can’t do it alone.
Or you have tried, but you came only halfway…

You don’t have to do this journey alone.

I’m here to help you!

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