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What’s the difference between the service provided by Happy Organize and a traditional Organizing service?

Happy Organize uses the KonMari Method™ to ensure a long-lasting change in its clients’ homes and lives.
It’s not just an organizing service but a personal transformation one, through the evaluation of the clients’ relationship with their belongings and the deep reorganization of the space in which they live.
My focus is not finding fancy storage solutions so that all your belongings fit in your house. Instead, I focus on helping you reduce your belongings, keeping only the ones that spark joy to you and then finding a “home” for each one, and on establishing daily routines that help you keep your house and your life organized.
Once you’ve finished your tidying marathon with Happy Organize, you’ll not have to repeat it, since rebound is really uncommon.

Why can't I make this organizing journey alone?

Of course you can! Afterall, I organized my entire house on my own. Then why should you hire Happy Organize?
There are several reasons why working with the KonMari™ Consultant Paula Brinkmann Torres, from Happy Organize, is the best solution for you:

  • Maybe you have already read a Marie Kondo’s book or seen the NetFlix series but just couldn't get the motivation to get started. You feel you need someone to guide you through the process. I have the knowledge, tools and experience to help you plan the strategy for your particular situation.
  • Or maybe you’ve started already but got stuck at some point. I can help you understand the reasons for the blockage and get you back on track.
  • Or you may not be able to determine by yourself the objects that inspire you and those that should be discarded. I can guide you through this process by identifying the thought patterns that may be blocking you, asking the right questions to help you in the decision-making process, and giving you the confidence to continue.
  • Or maybe you just don't have the available time to do the whole process on your own, and you need my help optimizing your time and the organization

Whatever the reason, I, as a Certified KonMari Method™ Consultant, can assure you a productive and effective experience that will lead you to an organized home once and for all!

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What does “spark joy” mean?

An object can spark joy to us in many different ways:

  • it can make us feel happy when we see or touch it;
  • it can give us comfort and well-being;
  • it can make our daily life easier;
  • it can bring us happy memories.

Imagine living in a house with only objects like these!
Living surrounded by objects that spark joy to us means keeping only the objects that support our ideal lifestyle.

How can I get started?

We start by scheduling a phone or face-to-face conversation to better understand the method and whether it is right for you (contact me).

If you decide to go further, we will have a 1st session with some special features:

  • I will help you visualize your ideal lifestyle and home
  • we will set the goals and align expectations
  • we will have a small greeting and gratitude ceremony
  • we will begin the practical organization of the first category: clothing

How many sessions will I need to make the full journey?

The total number of sessions required to complete your home organizing marathon will depend on several factors such as:

  • size and layout of your house
  • accumulation level
  • how quickly you make decisions
  • time available to perform tasks between sessions.

As a rule, a minimum of one full session will be required for each of the 5 KonMari Method™ categories, usually taking the Komono (miscellaneous) category longer because of the diversity of subcategories it may include.

Do I have to start with the Clothing category?

It is important to follow the correct order of KonMari Method™ categories (clothing, books, papers and documents, komono (miscellaneous) and sentimental items) as it is the best way to fine-tune and sharpen your sensitivity to what sparks joy to you, the basis of this method.
Clothing is the category that helps us learn this most easily because it most directly affects our daily lives, how we feel and how we act.

Why not organize by Location (bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.) but by Category?

Organizing by Category rather than by Location is one of the basic principles of the KonMari Method™, bringing all objects in a given category together in one place, regardless of where they may be stored.
The goal is to have a complete view of everything we have in a given category, then select what we want to keep in one go.

Do I have to go shopping for tidying and storage accessories before I start?

No! During the organization process we will reduce the number of objects you have, keeping only those that spark joy to you. As a consequence, we will gain storage space.
I will always try to tidy and store the objects you choose to keep using what you already have at home (boxes, drawers, hangers, baskets, etc.). Only when strictly necessary will the purchase of simple storage accessories be proposed.

Do all family members have to be aligned?

Of course, the ideal is for all family members to be aligned and active participants in the organizing journey. However, it is not mandatory to do so. If there is a family member who is resistant to organizing, their private spaces and objects will be respected in the house, not being included in the selection and organization process and rules will be set for common spaces and objects. Experience tells us, however, that once one family member makes this organizing journey and creates spaces of tranquility, order, and convenience in the home, the rest of the family members are inspired to do the same.

I am in a life-changing phase. Is it the right time to hire Happy Organize?

Getting your house in order is the first step in facing the ups and downs of life!
Happy Organize helps you go through important life transitions, helping you identify what inspires you to be successful in this transition. Almost every client I helped was going through some kind of life change.
Once helped to get their house in order, they were ready to open the door to the new phase in their lives!

What happens to the objects I want to discard?

It will be up to the clients to decide what they want to do with the discarded objects (sell, donate, etc.) and to remove them from their home. However, I have a contact list of donor-accepting institutions and organizations, and I will help you find the solution you are most comfortable with. To avoid setbacks in detachment decisions already made, I strongly advise the clients to remove as soon as possible (preferably immediately after each session) the objects to be discarded from their home.

Have any additional questions?

Please send a message via the contact form or call me.

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