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Paula Brinkmann Torres

Personal Organizer & Certified KonMari MethodTM Consultant

About me

Born and raised in Lisbon, with a German mother and a Portuguese father, I’ve always been passionate about organizing.

Since my childhood that for me it was important to be surrounded by order and serenity, to feel that my home was my harbor, something that supported and reflected me.

During my years of corporate experience, I applied my deep sense of organization to define and achieve my objectives, to have focus and to optimize project management, all key factors to be successful.

Later, I have applied it during my experience as an ex-pat in Poland for 6 years, to where I moved with all my family, and where the need to change and to adapt to a completely new environment made critical not only my ability to organize but also to choose what was really important to keep and to cherish in my life.

One day like any other, ended up being a turning point in my life: while walking through a bookstore, the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” caught my attention. I took it in my hands and started to turn some pages. What I read was so fascinating that I couldn’t let it go. I bought it and finished reading it in a couple of days. I knew I had found my calling! I realized that something that I have done my whole life so naturally (organizing the space around me), could be put to service to help other people organizing their homes and transform their lives!

Paula Torres - Sobre-mim - Personal Organizer
Paula Torres com Marie Kondo - Happy Organize

I then decided to start my training as a Certified Consultant in the KonMari MethodTM, following the program that Marie Kondo created to spread her method and her message throughout the world.

As part of this demanding and long training process, I participated in the Certification Course for official KonMari Consultants in New York.

Meeting Marie Kondo in person and having the chance to learn directly from her was an amazing experience, truly inspiring.

The strength of her message, so simple and so powerful at the same time, really inspired me to make the difference!

I founded Happy Organize in order to help people organize their homes and their lives, using this method, so beautiful and effective.

During the sessions with my clients, I work side by side with them, guiding them and helping them visualize their ideal lifestyle, establishing their objectives, selecting what to keep and what to let go and, at the end, I share and apply my expertise and experience to organize and optimize the spaces.

For more information, please contacte me.


KonMariTM Consultant Certification course, by Marie Kondo (New York) – Certified Consultant (with more than 150 practice hours at clients’ homes, during the certification process)

Certified by Udemy on KonMari Method™ – “Tidy up your home”

Certified by InOrdem – Professional Home Organizer

Professional Qualification as a Personal Organizer by OZ – Home PRO program

Senior Associate at APOP – Associação Portuguesa de Organizadores Profissionais (Portuguese Association of Profissional Organizers)

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