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Personal Organizer

Certified KonMariTM Consultant

The Magic of tidying up

A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly
dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective.
It is life transforming!

Marie Kondo

What does Happy Organize do?

by Paula Brinkmann Torres

Selo Certificação Bronze Consultant - Método Konmari Tm

As a Personal Organizer and Certified Consultant in Marie Kondo’s method (KonMari Method TM) I help people live more organized and happy lives, with more time for what really matters to them.

Find the balance, the harmony and the serenity in your life, through the deep organization of the space in where you live.

Simplify your life. Make room for joy.

What are the Benefits that you can expect?

  • A home that reflects your ideal lifestyle
  • A home that sparks joy
  • More time for what really matters
  • More quality of life and less stress
  • More efficiency and productivity

Organizing it’s not a luxury. It’s a need!

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